Hurricane Earl

Please keep Ultimate Yacht Service in mind in getting your boat ready for Hurricane Earl.
We offer these services to get your vessel ready for a hurricane.

* Vessels are removed from moorings that are not considered safe harbor, and moved to locations which are considered as such. This may include inland locations and/or dry docking.
* All cleats, lines, ropes, chocks, and winches are checked for strength. Lines are doubled up fore and aft, and chafe gear is installed where necessary.
* Vessel canvas and Bimini Tops are removed and stowed.
* Antennas and like items are secured.
* Vessel’s records are properly placed in a watertight container.
* Batteries are checked to insure proper bilge operations.
* All cockpit drains are cleared.
* Tape is used to cover any cracks or openings on the vessel.
* Vessel’s lines and fenders are secured where necessary. Lines are fastened for hurricane protection.
* Anchors are set where appropriate.
* Tender and Personal Water Craft (PWC) tie downs are checked and doubled up if needed.
* All loose items and gear are removed and secured inside the vessel.
* Vessels are checked regularly during foul weather, where permissible, and checked following the passage of a significant weather event.

Please call us with any questions!

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